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Counting on 25 years in the transportation industry, Nishan Transport defines itself by the proximity among its team, which continuously leads to strong relationships based on honesty and transparency.

You work by these values? Follow the path towards the transportation industry, where positivity and many interesting benefits await you: assigned vehicle, flexible schedules, competitive salary and much more!

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Transportation Industry | Class-1 Driver | C-TPAT | FAST
Carrière en transport | Livraison de marchandise | Chauffeur

Assigned vehicles

Flexible schedule

Competitive salary

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Group insurance

Enjoy absolute peace of mind with Nishan Transport’s group insurance coverage putting the team’s well-being first: life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, and more.

24-7 tailored dispatch

Nishan Transport makes a point of providing maximum trip flexibility to its employees through tailored dispatch at all time according to the drivers’ schedule and preferences.

Customs certifications

With certifications and programs such as C-TPAT, CBSA-ASFC and FAST, our team of professionals is driven by efficiency and timeliness for safe cross-border deliveries without further delay.

On-site garage

Never worry about your truck and trailer maintenance and repairs with our on-site garage ensuring efficient logistics even in case of emergency.


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Available jobs

Want to be a part of a team of LTL, FTL and refrigerated cross-border transportation professionals, drive a high-performance Volvo truck, and benefit from a flexible schedule and competitive salary? Apply now!